INDOOR Track & Field

Click on the pdf file below to view the latest Ontario Masters INDOOR records. Includes results updated to CMA Champs in Edmonton and WMA Champs in Torun, POL

Sprints and Hurdles (up to 400m)

Ont Indoor Records Sprints_Hurdles April 5_19

Middle Distance Running (800m and 1500m)

Ont Indoor Records Middle D April 6_19

Distance Running (3000m and 5000m)

Ont Indoor Records Distance April 5A_19

Race Walks (1500m and 3000m)

Ont Indoor Records Race Walks February 20A_19

Jumps (HJ, PV, LJ, TJ)

Ont Indoor Records Jumps April 5_19

Throws  (SP, Weight)

ONT Indoor Records Throws April 5_19

5 thoughts on “INDOOR Track & Field

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    • The Indoor Mile SC is not a WMA event. Nor a CMA event. Nor an IAAF event. In fact outside of (recent) Ontario meets, I am not aware of its being run anywhere save perhaps for some US high school meets. It is not a legacy event like the Mile. Participation is minimal. So no, no plans to add it as an “official” event for record purposes.

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